Watch NASA’s Morpheus take to the air – then make a smooth landing

“NASA’s Morpheus lander has gone a long way since it crashed and burned in 2012. The agency’s vertical landing and takeoff test vehicle now has a number of successful flights under its belt, including one that’s just concluded at the Kennedy Space Center. On this most recent flight, the lander easily traversed 1,300 feet at a speed of 36mph for 98 seconds, proving that it has a future in delivering cargo to space…” (read more)

Source: Engadget

‘Earth Resources Observation and Science Center’ releases amazing images of Earth

'Earth Resources Observation and Science Center' releases incredible images of Earth

“Unlike most of the satellite images captured by the Landsat 7 satellite, these were taken for their aesthetic value and not for scientific purposes. The color-enhanced photographs not only reveal a view of the planet few will ever see but also a glimpse of natural phenomenons like a giant whirlpool cloud parked above the sea between Spain and Morocco…” (read more)

Source: The Verge  Photo: EROS