Andy Warhol’s Groundbreaking Computer Art

Andy Warhol’s Groundbreaking Computer Art

“Back in the mid-1980s, Andy Warhol made a series of digital artworks on an Amiga 1000, a personal computer created by Commodore International. The artist, tapped by the company to be a spokesperson for the computer’s multimedia capabilities, created a few public pieces as part of a marketing campaign, but it was unknown if he had made any digital artworks on his own time…” (read more)

Source: Wired  Photo: Andy Warhol Museum / Wired

Mastering The Art of The Casual Blazer

Mastering The Art of The Casual Blazer

“Gentleman all around the world know that the blazer is the easiest way to make the perfect first impression. Ask any sartorially-inclined man to recite his list of essentials, and the blazer is guaranteed to make it to the Top 5 (if not higher). It’s undeniable that the blazer is a significant part of almost every man’s wardrobe, but the garment possesses a surprising amount of versatility given its ubiquity…” (read more)

Source: D’Marge
Photo: D’Marge