Apple opened the door to machined-aluminum electronics, will it do the same for sapphire glass?

Apple opened the door to machined-aluminum electronics, will it do the same for sapphire glass?

“In 2008, the unibody MacBook was born, and a chain reaction was set off that finds us now able to buy precision-milled aluminum hard drives, batteries, and even cameras. How did all this come to be? And is Apple about to repeat the feat with its latest investment in manufacturing, this time focused on sapphire glass?…” (read more)

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Leonardo DiCaprio might play Steve Jobs in upcoming biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio might play Steve Jobs in upcoming biopic

“The director and lead actor of the Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic are still up in the air, and another pair of big names are now reportedly being eyed for the roles: Leonardo DiCaprio and Slumdog Millionaire-director Danny Boyle. The Hollywood Reporter says that Sony Pictures is now in talks to sign Boyle, who has already approached DiCaprio about the possibility of starring as Jobs…” (read more)

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One of the iPhone’s original interface designers is leaving Apple

One of the iPhone's original interface designers is leaving Apple

“Greg Christie may have played a key role in developing the first iPhone, but he won’t be hanging around Apple for much longer. The company has partly confirmed a 9to5 Mac report that the high-profile interface designer is leaving the company later this year after nearly two decades of working at 1 Infinite Loop. Just why he’s hanging up his badge isn’t certain…” (read more)

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Apple: ‘Consumers want what we don’t have’

Apple: 'Consumers want what we don't have'

“The ongoing Apple-Samsung trial is unearthing some interesting behind-closed-door secrets on both sides. Something we hadn’t seen in the preceding legal tussles however, and presented by Recode, was a handful of slides from an Apple internal meeting in April 2013 regarding its plans for 2014. Alongside the slowing growth of iPhone sales, the research noted that overall smartphone growth was from cheap and large (well, larger than the current iPhone) devices — both of which Apple had nothing to compete with…” (read more)

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Is this the end of all patent wars?

“Over the past year, the debate over patent reform has heated up, and attention has focused on the dark side of patents, particularly “trolls” who extract money off inventions they don’t plan to use. But Microsoft, Apple, Ford, and several other companies are banding together to support a system that they depend on to incentivize new research. The newly formed Partnership for American Innovation (PAI) exists to promote a “strong patent system” and a well-funded US Patent and Trademark Office, but its main focus seems to be changing the tone of debate in an environment where patent law is sometimes seen as beyond repair…” (read more)

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