Apple opened the door to machined-aluminum electronics, will it do the same for sapphire glass?

Apple opened the door to machined-aluminum electronics, will it do the same for sapphire glass?

“In 2008, the unibody MacBook was born, and a chain reaction was set off that finds us now able to buy precision-milled aluminum hard drives, batteries, and even cameras. How did all this come to be? And is Apple about to repeat the feat with its latest investment in manufacturing, this time focused on sapphire glass?…” (read more)

Source: The Verge  Photo: The Verge

Andy Warhol’s Groundbreaking Computer Art

Andy Warhol’s Groundbreaking Computer Art

“Back in the mid-1980s, Andy Warhol made a series of digital artworks on an Amiga 1000, a personal computer created by Commodore International. The artist, tapped by the company to be a spokesperson for the computer’s multimedia capabilities, created a few public pieces as part of a marketing campaign, but it was unknown if he had made any digital artworks on his own time…” (read more)

Source: Wired  Photo: Andy Warhol Museum / Wired

Watch NASA’s Morpheus take to the air – then make a smooth landing

“NASA’s Morpheus lander has gone a long way since it crashed and burned in 2012. The agency’s vertical landing and takeoff test vehicle now has a number of successful flights under its belt, including one that’s just concluded at the Kennedy Space Center. On this most recent flight, the lander easily traversed 1,300 feet at a speed of 36mph for 98 seconds, proving that it has a future in delivering cargo to space…” (read more)

Source: Engadget

Paris in Motion (Part 4)

“In 2012 I launched my project “Paris in motion”. This project was meant to help my surroundings to discover Paris. But you were many to spread these images that I was able to capture during my time in Paris. I invite you hereby to continue our Paris adventure with a forth video. If you are liking the video don’t hesitate to share it with your friends :-)). Thank you!”

Source: Vimeo user Mayeul Akpovi

A lamp is spying on New Yorkers and tweeting their conversations

A lamp is spying on New Yorkers and tweeting their conversations

“Wired tells the story of two artists, Kyle McDonald and Brian House, who wanted to experiment with surveillance. The pair installed simple Wi-Fi-enabled recording devices in lamps at McDonalds, a library, a bedroom, a bank, and in New York’s Washington Square Park. The recordings are sent to Mechanical Turk workers, who have been transcribing and posting them to Twitter for almost seven months…” (read more)

Source: The Verge  Photo: Kyle McDonald